BKW has achieved good results in a challenging economic and regulatory environment thanks to solid management. It therefore has the necessary funds to carry out extensive investment in expanding and developing its business activities.

The BKW Group’s business activities in the areas of networks and services contribute to the stable results. The key figures from the past two years (as at 2014) are shown below.

(values in CHF m.) 2014 2013
Total operating revenue 2,844.9 2,733.7
Operating income before depreciation and amortization 528.2 292.8
Net profit / Net loss* 291.9 -216.8
Balance sheet total 7,939.9 7,675.5
Shareholders’ equity 2,525.0 2,365.7

*As part of the 2013 year-end closing, BKW carried out value adjustments for production facilities. This impacted the 2013 annual results accordingly.

You can find more financial information here.