As well as its presence in Switzerland, BKW is also active in the neighbouring countries of Germany, France and Italy, where the emphasis is on developing and operating a sustainable and profitable fleet of energy production plants.

Whereas in Switzerland the entire range of value chain activities is covered by a vertical integration business model (production, trade, sales and transmission), in Germany BKW has decided to concentrate on production. It aims to develop its existing wind farm portfolio over the coming years and to operate its facilities on a long-term basis with above-average energy availability. BKW also has a minority shareholding in a thermal power plant. This type of power plant is necessary to compensate for fluctuations in wind energy production that are beyond control.


BKW adopts an industrial approach in its construction and operation of wind farms, performing in-house those activities from which it can derive added value based on its own expertise. For all other tasks, it cooperates with competent external contractors, with whom it seeks long-term contractual relationships.


A major advantage of this operational concept is that, during the construction and plant operation phases, it can perform and closely monitor critical activities itself. Throughout, BKW is committed to high quality standards and the proactive implementation of maintenance and service work. This approach results in longer asset service life and increased energy yield, which, in turn, have a positive effect on production fleet profitability.