The BKW Group is evolving from a traditional electricity producer to a leading provider of energy and infrastructure services. Besides maintaining its production plants and developing its network infrastructure, the company is also focusing on expanding its service offerings.

Drawing on existing expertise, BKW is set to position itself over the next few years as a leading provider of complete energy solutions for businesses, households and local authorities. This business model is based on the fields of energy, networks and services.

Strengthening energy
With the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 in mind, BKW is expanding its production facilities. It is therefore focusing on wind and hydro power in Switzerland and abroad, where cost-covering remuneration can be obtained. BKW is upgrading its existing production facilities in line with the latest technology in order to preserve their value.

But energy means more to BKW than just electricity. Supplying customers with heat is playing an increasingly important role in the company’s business activities. BKW is building individual facilities as well as district heating networks.

The trading business ensures access to the European wholesale market. Trading bundles all energy flows within the company and facilitates new energy services by providing them with access to energy markets. This affects the balancing energy market, for example.

Developing networks
The promotion of electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar means irregular grid feed-in is on the rise. And it is becoming ever more decentralised, in particular due to the increase in photovoltaics. This poses major new challenges to networks and calls for smart solutions that BKW plans to implement. The company is investing in research and development for this purpose. By developing networks to become smart grids that monitor and analyse load flows as smart measuring and control systems, it is preparing for the energy transition.

Expanding services
BKW has been providing services related to hydro power use and advising customers on efficient energy use for many years. This service business is set to be expanded in seven areas in the coming years:

  • Plant engineering: BKW is making its core competencies in hydro power (engineering) and nuclear power (inspection and testing) available to third party customers as a service offering. The target markets are in Europe and overseas.
  • Wind and solar services: In the area of wind power, BKW is offering the entire value chain as a service. In the area of solar power, it is focusing on selected services, such as commercial management.
  • Network services: BKW is continuing to expand its electricity grid services and integrated multi-utility services from engineering to implementation and operation. In the multi-utility field, the company is focusing on services for drinking water networks.
  • Building technology: BKW is making a name for itself throughout Switzerland as a provider of integrated building technology services. From electrical engineering and heating to ventilation and air conditioning, BKW offers its customers the entire value chain, from planning and installation to operation in all these areas.
  • Smart Home Energy: Smart Home Energy is a dynamic and extremely innovative field. BKW is focusing on standardised solution packages in the areas of heat, safety and comfort.
  • Integrated model Italy: Through a combination of energy efficiency measures, energy management and marketing of renewable energies, BKW is creating added value for its Italian customers. It is expanding its SME customer base and acquiring new corporate and reseller customers.
  • Energy-related services: BKW offers specific services based on its trading and processing expertise in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. These include process-oriented services for other energy providers and energy management services (e.g. portfolio management).