In Germany, BKW’s main focus is on wind energy, drawing on the expertise it has accumulated in Switzerland since 1990 in the operation of wind turbines. The company also holds a stake in a thermal power plant.

BKW has been active in Germany since 2001 – initially as an energy supplier, and now as an electricity producer. It operates a number of wind farms in north-west and east Germany and is a minority shareholder in a thermal power plant in north Germany. It is able to draw on more than one hundred years of experience as a power plant operator, allied to its expertise in wind energy. BKW thus plays a leading role in Switzerland in the use of wind power, the first three wind turbines being installed in north-west Switzerland in 1996. Since then, its wind farm fleet has been continually expanded and consists today of 16 wind installations.


BKW currently operates a total of ten wind farms in Germany. It will continue to invest heavily in wind energy in the years ahead, aiming to position itself as a medium-sized European power plant operator. Sustainable management and an above-average energy yield are the company's main goals, and it aims to achieve them through efficient management and a long-term, predictive maintenance strategy.


The company's presence in Germany is provided by local employees and it maintains business relationships with local contractors in the regions where the production facilities are located. BKW is involved locally in a number of different ways, from sponsoring and educational work, to organizing its own summer festivals.